Tuesday, April 07, 2009

laughter lives tuesday....

Laughter Lives

The first night we were in England, Steve took us into the nearby town of Banbury.

to show us around the town...

to get some dinner at Pizza Hut (we were not ready to venture away from what we knew)...

but mainly to keep us awake so we could acclimate to the new time zone.

While we were walking around the town center, we noticed Michaela ( 8 years old at the time) looking very intently at a sign hanging on a building.
After a few minutes she looks at us and says, "They left the 'i' out of toilet on that sign'.

Steve and I laughed at with her.

and then we explained that it meant 'to rent'~~it was not a 6 foot sign marking a bathroom!

The poor girl has yet to live it down~~we often have to go to the 'to let'!!