Saturday, August 15, 2009

is it a lie if it is for a surprise????

Michaela blowing out the candles on her cheesecake
August 14th has come and gone... Michaela has turned another year older; enter into the next phase of her life... and because she has a sneaky, conniving Mama {with some fabulous friends}, she did with a surprise party!!! Stephen and I had a celebration planned with 7 of her friends from church and her friend Rachel from Alabama, a stretch hummer, dinner at (where else) Olive Garden, and rooms for the night at the Marriott Hotel~~~none of which Michaela knew about~~because as I said, I am conniving and sneaky! Unfortunately the absence of a paycheck create the necessity of putting those plans on hold. We explained to Michaela that her celebration would have to be delayed. Of course, because she is the kind-hearted young lady that she is, she was content with just a small family celebration.

But, because of the great friends I have, a hotel room was donated to us in La Grange, food was provided by friends, and all 7 of Michaela's girl friends were abl
e to come {except Rachel who was 6 hours away :(}~~~all arranged Thursday night!!!! The fun part was trying to keep the celebration a secret and getting Michaela to La Grange without her being suspicious!

Good thing she has a sneaky, conniving Mama:)

So the elaborate detailed
lie story was created and the deception began!

*** I explained to Michaela that parents, and parents only, are allowed to tell holiday stories~~they are not lies :):)

and....WE PULLED IT OFF!!!
She was completely surprised.

So now I am in a hotel room listening to the breathing of 7 sleeping teenage girls (all but one asleep before 1:00am~~light weights!) wondering if I will actually fall asleep tonight...

and thanking God for the blessings of my selfless, genuine Christian friends, Penny, Gina, Cari, and Regina!

I cannot wait until later this morning because she has another HUGE surprise from Alabama~~~I will update with the info as soon as she receives her phone call:)

**no great pictures... my friends and I sat in the meeting room and talked and left the girls to themselves in the pool and hot tub!!
Hopefully I can get some tomorrow today before they all leave~~if I am awake enough.


  1. Happy Birthday Michela and big hugs Tammy. You are such an amazing mom, wife and friend :) I'm glad the party turned out. I love the stories and pictures.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope your teen years are fun and full of special times! (Go easy on your mama!)

    We were in Tenn. for the last 4 days plus 1 night in Beaufort. Last quick vacation before school starts Tuesday.