Thursday, August 13, 2009

a just because post...

Thirteen years ago tonight....

No, I really will not put you through that drama...

I did make Michaela sit and listen to the story of her birth~~ this the eve of her 13th birthday...

Hey, she put me through agony 13 years ago, the least she can do is listen to the details:)
(actually there was no agony~~~epidural= bliss!!!!)
What does a 5 year old decide to do with her last few days of summer vacation....
Why, take a break from swimming and have her friend push her in her babydoll stroller, of course!
Steve ran in asking for the camera. After taking the picture he came in and showed me what he thought was 'so cute'.
"Um, yeah! She knows she is not allowed in that. Could you go tell her to get out before she breaks it!"
{a lesson on doing what we know is right even when we have a friend coaxing to do otherwise followed~~with Emma, not Steve:)}
What does the 'almost teenager' do her last few days of summer break?
She lays around in her pajamas until late afternoon, IMing friends and checking Faceb**k...
until her mean, evil mother kicks her out of the house and makes her do something outside.
{and then she has to suffer and spend hours and hours in the refreshing pool~~what a sacrifice!}

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