Wednesday, August 12, 2009

not quite wordless wednesday...

In December, 1999 we began building our first house.

In July, 2000 we finally got to move in.

The day the builders were pouring the driveway, Steve grabbed Michaela out of preschool and ran her over to the house to create a lasting mark at our new home.

She was almost 4 years old.

For the last 9 years those little feet have welcomed all who have visited.

In two days my little girl turns 13!!!!

Those tiny feet have walked many steps as they have grown; many adventures have been had...

and as my first baby enters a new stage of her life {and I reserve a padded room} those feet will take her on many more adventures!

But boy I sure do hope they are done growing because they have gone from a child's size 4.5 to an adult 7 in a year!!!!!

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