Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on a lighter note....

Having spent some time with teenage girls this weekend, I learned that:
*goosebumps on legs causes the hairs to grow AN INCH immediately!!!!
* teenage girls should not try to talk about Buddhism when the are in need of sleep because a new religion, BOOTYISM, is created!!!!
* the 'check yes or no' notes of long ago~~~you know the ones, Will you be my boyfriend?" check the box~~~have been replaced by text message requests!!!!
*Michaela has a 'stalker' from the Wittsitts and he thinks her smile is dazzling!!!!
* that Nick Jonas is the cutest of the brothers!!!!

Having gone shoe shopping with Michaela yesterday, I learned that:
*she has TERRIBLE taste in shoes!!!!

Having made THREE attempts to wake up Emma this morning~~~~ an hour later than she has to get up tomorrow, I learned that:
*tomorrow morning is going to be a bear!!!!

Having stayed up WAY TOO LATE last night and having to get up for Chemistry this morning, I learned that:
*titration is a difficult concept to grasp!!!!

Having sat on the couch typing this post, I learned that:
*Emma + her ipod+ pretending not to be paying attention to her= her singing and dancing bringing a smile to my face!!!!