Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 years ago today......

well I was still miserably pregnant.... but tonight Emma Shea celebrated her 5th birthday!!!!

Because we will be moving back from England a few days before her actual 5th birthday, we decided to have her party now so she could celebrate with her friends.
The theme was butterflies. Of course!!!!! Alison, who is visiting from Texas, made the great butterfly cake for the party!!!! It was YUMMY!!!!!! Thank you Alison!

We rented a tent, table, and chairs and set up in the backyard (it has been raining for days, so the tent was a necessity!!) There were butterflies everywhere! Katy, from Pottering About, brought bowls and butterflies for the guest to paint. She will take them back to the shop to glaze and put them in the kiln. All the pieces will be returned next week!!! I cannot wait to see them--there were so many interesting color combinations being used:)
We played statue in the living room--because of course, the weather was gorgeous all day while the girls were in school and began raining as soon as the party started--so the bouncy castle had to be put on hold! When the rain lessened to a drizzle, we set up the bouncy castle. 13 children on a bouncy castle=Total mayhem!

Next was dinner, cake, and present opening, and a game of Pass the Parcel until parents arrived at 6:30.

The party is complete--clean-up is next. But we survived the 3 hours with ten 4 to 5 year old girls and 3 boys (I was babysitting this week, so the boys crashed the party), and after the hug and kiss and thank you I just got from Emma, it was worth it!!!
****She will be starting Kindergarten in Kentucky on her actual birthday--She is already talking about the cupcakes she is going to take in!!!!****