Saturday, July 12, 2008

a 'wicked' night out.

Friday night, Holly, her sister Alison, Chris, Jeanne, and myself went to London to see the absolutely phenomenal show, WICKED. It was a great evening out.
We actually found a Mexican restaurant to eat at before the show. (that was actually Mexican--not an easy task in this country) The food was good--not Margarita's in Kentucky good, but good!
The show was excellent. Chris had seen it in New York and said it was a little different than this one. So now we are going to try and find out if it is a 'country' thing or if the show has been changed for variety. Ga-linda had me laughing during the show. What a great character to play!. The set was fabulous and the girl playing Elphi was brilliant. I am just glad it wasn't as boring and awful as the book!!
All in all a fantastic night out with my friends.