Sunday, July 20, 2008

we are home

I really planned on uploading the pictures from our last day in Scotland and our drive home yesterday when we arived home, but we decided around 5:30pm to call and see if there were any rooms available at Mildenhall, the hotel on base near church. This added an hour to the drive (but allowed us to sleep later this morning) and then we had a detour that added another hour to our trip. So, we left the house in Scotland at 11:00am and arrived at RAF Mildenhall at 11:13pm. We all just went to bed!!!!

Then I thought I would do them tonight. It is only 9:30 now, so I should have plenty of time!!! BUT... we drove straight to a birthday party after church and we have only been home for a few hours. The suitcases are unpacked--in the middle of the floor; UGH!!!--so I should really attend to the piles of dirty clothes before I take a shower and crash.

...It is amazing how tiring driving is. Because I feel more at ease when I drive (Steve's driving scares me and I have a slight control issue:):)) I drove the entire 1500+ miles of the trip and the drive back home today after church services. I have felt fine the entire trip, but about an hour into the birthday party, I felt like I could curl up and fall into a deep sleep. So I think that is what I will go do now!!!!

I will definitely add pictures tomorrow!