Friday, July 18, 2008

scotland--day five

Into our lives, a little rain must fall!!!
We woke up this morning to the pinging of rain on the roof. We got ready leisurely--hoping the rain would pass. Around noon, we headed out to Loch Lomond. The rain lessened, so we decided to go on a boat trip around the loch. (our friends did this on Sunday--when the sun was out:) so they went to the Aquarium). Loch Lomand is the largest expanse of fresh water in Scotland. It has 24 islands sprinkled throughout its 27.5 miles--the largest 'housing' Scotland's oldest nudist colony. Luckily it was cold outside!!!! Along the loch is also the Highland boundary fault; this separates the Scottish Highlands from the Midland Valley.

Ben Lomand is out in there somewhere in the fog and rain

The rain continued throughout the hour long trip. As we departed the ship, it began raining even harder. So what do you do when you do not want to explore Scotland in the rain.... you drive to Aberfoyle and go shopping at the Scotland Wool Centre:):) We are packing up tonight and will head home tomorrow! I am sure there will be a stop or two on our 6.5 hour drive home. I will share whatever historical gems we explore!!!