Saturday, July 12, 2008

last day of school

Friday was the last day of school for Michaela and Emma Shea. We pulled them out a week and a half early because (a.) I am soooooo tired of school days (and I am sure they are too.) and (b.) we are leaving Sunday evening for a week in Scotland.

Emma was ready. She brought in an ice cream cake to share. She said good-bye, gave hugs, and never looked back. She is very excited about coming back to the States. Steve and I find this very odd since she remembers no other life besides the one in England, and only has a memory of three weeks she spent in the States last year.
Emma Shea with her teachers, Ms. Reynolds and Ms. Hirons

Michaela on the other very sad about leaving and would easily stay for many more years. This is the same child who for the first three month we were here cried that she wanted to go back to Kentucky. They announced in assembly yesterday that it was her last day at school and to give her a big hug. Of course, she cried, her friends cried, I cried when she told me about it. I am positive these are the beginning of many more tears to flow!

The uniforms have been given away--or will be burned in Michaela's case ( I am actually not sure if her pants will burn. I think they will probably just melt into a pile of goo!!!!). The lunch boxes packed. SCHOOL IS FINALLY OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!