Wednesday, July 16, 2008

scotland--day three

Today was our day of rest!!!

We all slept in and just took it easy in the morning.
The girls wanted to try some of Stephen's coffee. Michaela obviously was not impressed! Emma said she liked it, but I am not so sure her expression is depicting enjoyment!!!!

Around lunchtime, we headed down the hill to eat at a local deli (No haggis or black pudding for us though!!!). After lunch we hit the boardwalk.
The kids rode some rides on the boardwalk.

We walked on the beach and collected seashells.

And then we all headed home.

Michaela read her book. Emma watched a DVD. I read a book--until my eyes closed:) I believe the same thing was happening at the Ostrowski home.

Steve and David went to play 18 holes of golf at a local course. They said the views were great and the course excellent!