Saturday, July 12, 2008

a moment to brag.....

I had Emma's first conference this week. Ms. Hirons went over the report with me of Emma's progress (This was the same day as Emma's birthday party, so Stephen got to take the 7 little girls up the hill and load them into our cars--lucky him!!!) She showed me the portfolio that had been kept since Emma began school in January of 2007--fun to see the changes in her language development and her drawings! She told me Emma was a joy to have in class, ( I was pleased to know that they NEVER saw Emma acting ugly or hard-headed...glad to know she saves that for us:) she was a great worker, and that she was well prepared for Kindergarten--she may actually be bored in 1/2 day Kindergarten. You go girl!!!!

Michaela brought her report home this week also. The grading system is nothing like the States, but she did very well in everything-scoring at National level or above in everything. Her lowest score was in Gym??? The teachers all typed a paragraph or two about her and her progress. The consensus...she is an excellent worker who puts a lot of time and thought into her work. She had so many teachers--18 in total!!!!, crazy schedules, and classes in two different school sites (they walked through town to the lower site for various classes--the trick was getting back to upper site on time if you were let out late from your class!!!!!) I am sure she will be able to handle Grey Middle School when we return.

I wanted to share the comments made about Michaela by Ms. Teager, Michaela's Form Tutor (i.e. home room teacher) and English teacher:

Michaela is an outstanding student in every respect, in the effort that she puts into all her work, in the determination that she possesses to always produce her best whatever the task, the quality of the work she produces in all areas of the curriculum. She is intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate. Needless-to-say, she is an excellent team player because she is willing to share ideas, to realise the ideas of others, to be supportive, and being sensitive to the needs of others, is willing to lead or to be lead. She is an absolute pleasure to teach. I have really enjoyed Michaela's company this year, especially her sense of humour and gentle "teasing". I will be very sorry when she has to return to America: it will not only be a loss to our form but also to our school.

Could this be about the same young lady who was petrified that she would not fit in in British school and that she would be the 'oddball'? I am so proud of you!