Saturday, July 05, 2008

happy independence day

After waking Emma Shea up at 11:30 (she was wiped out from the fireworks the previous night) we made cupcakes and a cake for Emma's school carnival--with no better theme--America!!!! There were American flags all over the school grounds and the children wore red, white, and blue (No uniforms--Mufti Day). After school we headed down to the events. Emma had a great time on the 75 foot bouncy castle, getting her face painted, and riding the teacups! Our cake was a hit and the dozen cupcakes we made sold in about 25 seconds--nothing better than American store bought frosting and cake mixes--they LOVE them here!!!!
Yes, I know it is one stripe short!!!!
After school, Michaela spent the night with a friend, so Steve, Emma and I went to a block party with some of our friends without her. There was lots of food; lots of music; lots of fun!
Our last UK 4th of July was filled with happy times with friends, with the shadow of sadness knowing that we will not be here next year celebrating with them:(