Thursday, July 17, 2008

scotland--day four

We began our day with an hour drive to the town of Stirling to visit the Stirling Castle. The Stirling Castle has been a key stronghold for many kings and queens since the 13th century. King James and Mary Queen of Scots are two of its most famous residents.
Across the landscape was Wallace Tower; a memorial for William Wallace--better known as BRAVEHEART!
We explored the castle for a few hours and then decided to head back to the house. David and Stephanie and the boys headed to a brewery to see if they could take a tour and we headed back towards Helensbourgh and Inchmahome Priory .
Inchmahome Priory is located on an island on Lake Menteith. We took a 7 minute boat ride over to the island and enjoyed reading about the history of the priory and walking around what remains of the building--the earliest portion being from the 1200's. The sun was shining. There was a breeze. It was truly a glorious few hours. This has been our favorite part of the trip!
Steve and the girls tried to skip rocks. Michaela and Emma will keep working on it:)The girls are in bed. Steve is about to fall asleep on the couch. I am going to go to bed and get ready for tomorrow!!!!
*** Knowledge we obtained today... Loch is the Scottish word for Lake! Lake Menteith is the only lake in Scotland--only because they are the only ones who changed the name from Loch Menteith to Lake Menteith!