Thursday, July 03, 2008

happy 'almost' 4th of July

***This post was actually done on July 3rd, but due to an awful internet connection it did not post until the 4th***
The base had the annual 4th of July celebration tonight, July 3rd.
It was fun to spend the evening with friends, but bittersweet knowing that this was our 4th and final 4th of July in England.

We did the normal...rides, bull riding (Michaela did anyways), jousting, and of course, FIREWORKS. What could be better than songs like 'Sweet Home Alabama', 'I'm proud to be an American, ' Wide, blue Yonder'...being blared across loud speakers with fireworks exploding in the air for the neighboring British families to share in the celebration with us!!! Oh yeah, and we bundled up in our coats and blankets to watch the fireworks...because after all, it is July!!!!! Gotta love the British summer.