Tuesday, September 02, 2008

birthdays and first days...

Today is Emma Shea's 5th birthday!!!!

WHERE DID THE YEARS GO!!! I know, I know, "How cliche'.

But seriously, it feels like she was just born!!

Happy Birthday, Emma Shea

Along with a birthday came the first day of school for both girls.

Michaela and I began our day at 6:00 am--UGH!!!!--Emma woke up at 6:30. I had to go pick up Michaela's shot records from the Dr's (she could not ride the bus or enter classes until the school had it), so I dropped Michaela off with her guidance counselor this morning at 7:25 and ran to get the form. She was getting a tour of the school and her schedule and was VERY apprehensive, but excited!! Her schedule is so much simpler than her one in England--no Week A's and Week B's. No rotating schedules. She was shocked when she was handed a small sheet of paper with only 7 periods!! Of course, she has PE 6th period today---she HATED PE in England--hope it is a better experience here:)
I cannot wait to see how her day went.

Emma Shea also began Kindergarten today:(:(:(
She got on the bus without looking backwards!. I of course followed the bus--crying--to New Haven and got her from the bus to go into the office to find out who her teacher was going to be.

Ms. Lou, from the office, walked us down to Ms. Anderson's class and Emma became quiet and bashful????? I am sure that has ended. I was so glad to see Ms. Hutchinson walk in--she was Michaela's teacher's aid in Kindergarten (the saving grace in that AWFUL class) and she will also be Emma's!!! This should be a good year!!

More later:)