Sunday, September 21, 2008

did you know...

that umbilical cords can regenerate themselves and reattach years later? No, seriously. I am living, breathing proof that cords cut (I have pictorial proof of the event) by my husband in 1996 and another by the medical team in 2003 have reattached themselves to my daughters and myself.
Stop shaking your heads at me!!!
What other explanation could there be for my daughters to have to constantly be with me; to follow me from place to place? I am sure it is not my loving patience that draws them to me--that seems to have flown out the window with Emma's ability to NOT cry at everything and Michaela's ability to use common sense. And if it is not my effervescent personality, it certainly must be that the cord has reattached itself.
I am just thankful that it is long enough to stretch to their schools!!!!!