Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i am afraid. very, very afraid...

Yesterday, when Michaela arrived home from school--loaded down with books and homework, she began telling me about seeing friends from New Haven and all of her classes.
In her Career class (not even sure what that is yet), a girl, who will remain anonymous as to not cause extreme embarrassment to herself and her family, began asking Michaela about living in England. In the midst of this conversation the girl asks, " So, do you speak fluent French?" Michaela answers, "No. I have had one year of it, but they do not offer it here so I cannot continue." The girl then says, " So you lived there for 3 years and you cannot speak the language!" After Michaela picked her jaw up off the ground, she responded with, "They speak ENGLISH in England." AND THEN THIS INDIVIDUAL SAYS.." Oh, I thought England was part of Europe." ????????????????????????
OH MY!!!!! This is the educational system I have brought my children to??????
I am frightened.