Monday, September 29, 2008

he's ba-a-a-a-ck...

I had not planned on telling Emma that her Daddy was coming home. Unfortunately I did not pass that decision on to Mr. Bill at church! Sunday night I saw Emma over with Bill--attached to him actually--but did not think too much about it because she has become extremely attached to Bill and Camillia. After some time, she comes over and says something to Ms. Jennifer. Jennifer looks at me--because she had been clued in--and said "Emma, who told you your Daddy was coming home tomorrow?" AAAHHH!!!!!!! Of course the answer was, "Mr. Bill."
So she knew the secret and the questions, "When does Daddy come home?" "Is it time for Daddy's plane to land?" began. I told Bill I would have her call him and ask him every 5 minutes:):)
Because I knew Emma Shea would drive her teachers to the edge with the "Daddy questions", I let her have a mental health day {For those who do not know, that is a parent approved day to skip school. I began them with Michaela in Kindergarten. We have a few each year.} She and I slept in and then, after the 1000th question, I pulled up and let Emma watch the plane get closer. Steve was landing at 2:20. Around 1:00, Emma asked for Cracker Barrow for lunch. She was under the impression that Mr. Joe was picking Steve up (Because they always picked us up) so I let her think that and told her we had to pick up a package before we went home. She was very concerned that Steve would be home alone; sitting in the porch.
Okay, so you remember when your child was 3 and naive. You can pull anything over on them? Well, those days are over for me. I pull into CVG, telling Emma this is where we have to pick up the package. She says, "This is an airport." We have seen no planes, how she knew it was an airport is beyond me. I tried to divert her attentions, but she insisted it was an airport. {I guess being a world traveller at the age of 5 has allowed her the ability to know what an airport looks like!} Okay, it is an airport, but this where we have to pick up our package. We wait for about 10 minutes and then luggage begins to come around the conveyor belt. I grab Steve's bags. ($550.00 worth of extra luggage I might add!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure hope the Air Force reimburses for that expense-- I won't hold my breath though) Finally I see him come around the corner. I look at Emma Shea and say, "There is your package!" She looks around, "I don't see anything." and then she spots him. I only wish I had a video camera going because it was beautiful!!!! "Daddy" resonated throughout the baggage claim and she took off into his arms. These are the moments a parent lives for!!
I drove him home. Happy reunion with Mac, not quite as theatrical:)
We headed to Michaela's dance class, dropped her off, and then drove around to show him the changes in Florence--after not being here since January '06, there were a few things he had never seen before.
After dance, we met Joe and Kathy for dinner at L*ngH*orns and dessert at Gr*eters!! YUMMY.
My goal was to keep him awake until 7:00 so he could get on American time easier. He did really well, but on the ride home at 9:00pm, he was having a HARD time keeping his eyes open.
He is now driving MY VAN (AHHH) to Wright-Pat to out-process. I just hope he drives on the correct side of the road:):) The first few days of driving on the left side of the car and the right side of the road are AWFUL!!!!!!!!
My family is whole again.
I have given him tomorrow off--and then the honey-do list comes out:):):)


We have just arrived back from CVG--with a package for Emma and Michaela!!!

Their DADDY is home.

Emma has not left his side----YEAH FOR ME!!!!

More later....