Saturday, September 27, 2008

the mind of a 5 year old...

This morning, as I come out of the shower, I was greeted by a giggling worm under the quilt on my bed. Knowing that this worm cannot be still or quiet for more than a few seconds, I wasn't surprised when the giggling got louder and out popped Emma! I was soooo surprised:)
With the surprise over, Emma went back 'reading' her children's Bible.
E: Mommy, are the roads made of gold in heaven?"
M: Well, the Bible says the roads are paved with gold." Won't that be beautiful?"
E: So we can drive a car on them?
M: There are no cars in heaven.
E: Oh, so we need to take ours up there?
***Where do you go with that question:)
the conversation continued:
E: Where are Adam and Eve's Mommy?
M: They didn't have a Mommy. God created them so big so they didn't need mommies. They had Him.
E: Eve ate the poisonous apple because of the snake.
M: Emma, the apple wasn't poisonous. That is in the fairytales. God told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit. They disobeyed him.
E: We need to make good choices.
M: Yes we do. And we do not know what kind of fruit it was. The Bible doesn't say.
This leads to 5 minutes of her insisting it WAS an apple. "See here in my Bible it is an apple!"
I let it go--for now!!!
E: What is God's real name?
M: God!
E: Oh.
Gotta love the logic of a 5 year old!!