Thursday, September 11, 2008

she cracks me up...

Emma Shea is a child of many personalities {I think there is medication for that:)}. We have the moody Emma, the sassy-mouthed Emma {who has been making MANY appearances since we have returned to Kentucky--even with the consistent discipline--sassy Emma is a stubborn personality!}, sweet, loving Emma--who I love and adore and wish would stick around more often, and of course, humorous Emma--among soooooo many more.
I think they all came out to play today!!!
This morning, Emma got ready for school, as usual. We walked down to the bus stop, as usual. She got onto the bus and sat down, as usual. Then she looks out the window, begins crying and holding her arms out for me. WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT!!!! I left her on the bus and told her it was okay. I felt like grabbing her and taking her home to hug all day. I called the school to give Mrs. Anderson a heads-up about the emotional meltdown. Mrs. Anderson gave her cuddles when she got there and all was well!!
SASSAFRAS EMMA--a nice way of saying mouthy.
Emma Shea was sweeping the garage and wanted help with the dustpan. I was on the phone and told her I would help in a minute. Michaela was at the laptop studying for a test so Emma asked her. Michaela said she would in just a minute. Emma looked at her and said, "NO!! You come help me right now!" You would think she was the older, bossy sister.
Tonight in the shower, she was rinsing the shampoo out of her hair and I went to get her towel for her. All of a sudden I heard her gasping for air and saying, " I can't breave. I can't breave." When she did not get a response from me (because I knew she was okay--do not call 241-KIDS on me) The gasping stopped. Sighs of annoyance began, and then, "Ooookay. Ooookay. I am breaving, but it's messed up breaving."

What a goob!!!