Saturday, September 13, 2008

this and that...

we got a pet!!!!!

Yesterday, while Emma and I were out choosing carpet for the steps and her new room, she saw a small furry friend that she fell in love with and just had to have. He was running around playing with a ball. So, because she misses Katie Belle so much, I bought him for her. She has named him Jack. It is the sweetest thing!!! He is house broken. No shots were required. He stays in the rooms we allow him in. He does shed, but it is minimal. Emma thinks we need a cage for him, but I think he will be okay on his own. Jack is a good addition to our family!!!
***See a picture of Jack at the end of this post.

surely it has to end!

Since we have been back in this country, I have watched the prices of petrol go up and up. Last Thursday it went up to $3.69. Then on Tuesday, as I was driving to order Michaela's new bed, I watched all of the stations between our house and Mall Road change the price to $3.89. Last night, as I drove home from scrapbooking, I noticed that the price had gone up to $4.09!!!! If those three increases were not bad enough, this morning as I drove into Valvoline for an oil change at 10:45am and drove out at 11:05, the price had gone up AGAIN!!! It is now $4.19!!!!!!!!!!!

hoof hand update

Emma Shea is very excited to update you on her thumbsucking intervention... It has been 4 days and no attempts to put that thumb in her mouth!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!! I have not added anymore HH to her thumbs since Wednesday. I am going to see how she does without it!!! Wish her luck!!!!

*** at scrapbooking last night, there were some women there who work for a pediatric dentist. They were talking to another woman who was concerned because her 4 year old sucked her 2 fingers. (She takes her daughter to this dentist). I heard her friend, that works at the dental office, tell her to not worry about it. "Dr. ___ told you it was no big deal. All kids are orthodontic candidates so why stress over it." They went on to say that he does not even begin to do anything about finger/thumbsucking until at least SEVEN!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Lets really mess up the permanent teeth. More money lining his pockets!!!!!

our new babysitter

Last night, I decided to go to Scr*ps Etc. to do a fling from 5:30 until 11:30pm. SO....Michaela had her first paying job in the States. She does a great job---especially when I remind her she is the BABYSITTER, NOT the BIG SISTER!!!!

She painted flower pots with Emma, watched a movie, and then got her in bed. Great job, Michaela!!!!!
:):) :)Only complaint...they were BOTH in my bed when I got home:):):)
Picture of Jack

Best $7.99 at Cr*cker B*arrel I have ever spent!!!

Had you worried didn't I, Stephen!!