Tuesday, September 16, 2008

whew!! what a crazy few days...

I had some nice, summer pictures to upload on Sunday evening when we returned from church.

Mother Nature had other ideas.
Saturday was a sunny, beautiful day. I worked on the riding lawn mower--doing, as Emma Shea called it, DADDY-MAN work. ( you let the man do all the icky "man" stuff Emma, just make sure you KNOW how to do it for yourself!!!) I changed out the battery, fixed the rear tire, drained oil, and cleaned out the accumulation of grass...and then mowed the back yard. The girls took advantage of the sunny, fabulous weather and ran through the sprinkler. (Their first summer fun--in September!!!!)

Sunday, we woke up and headed to La Grange for church. The weather was good--very muggy, but clear skies. The wind began blowing harder and harder throughout the afternoon. We ate lunch at the Allison's and the lights flickered every once in awhile, but nothing too bad. As the afternoon went on, the wind continued to blow, knocking trees down and blowing anything that was in it's path. Due to the electricity being out at the building, evening services were cancelled (the first service cancelled in 28 years!!!). Bill requested (in that fatherly tone) that the girls and I wait to drive home. Michaela went to the young adult study at the Hunter's home (they were one of the few that never lost power) and then we stayed around and talked to Gayle until 9:45pm. When we arrived at our exit, I noticed that the lights were out east of the exit, but still on west of it--optimism abounded. Of course, my optimism sank as I drove towards our subdivision and noticed how dark it was--it was 11:00, maybe everyone was in bed:) We pulled into the driveway and parked next to a pile of shingles--that had been on my roof when I left! The thoughts going through my mind--1. Great! No electricity. I sure hope the basement is not flooded. (The sump pump does not work with out electricity!!) 2. Great! Without electricity the garage door is not going to open. I have no keys to get into the house. (I do now!!!) 3. Great!!! Great!!!! Great!!!!

All is well. I destroyed the screen to the kitchen window and Michaela climbed through. Emma was a basketcase--literally shaking. She just kept saying, "Daddy is soooo brave." I asked her why Daddy was brave. He wasn't even here. He just is. She went to sleep--with me. The power came back on at 6:20am. (Half the subdivision still does not have power.) I walked around and assessed the damage. The back of the roof was the only damage. I called insurance. And now we wait for the adjuster and hope that the "NO RAIN" forecast is accurate!!!!
**Do you think the wind could have knocked down the dead tree in the front yard???? NOOOO!!
AND....our phone just came back on!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! Since we do not plan to hook up the television, we get all of our information from the radio and the internet. With our phone down, we had no internet. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I am back among the living!!!

***There are still over 400,000 people without power. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.