Sunday, November 09, 2008



This is Cali.

She is the newest addition to our crazy, unsettled lives.

I had talked to Stephen about getting another dog--moment of insanity:) He was not in favor of the idea. He gave reasons like, "We don't need another mouth to feed." "We don't know where we are moving once I get a job." You know weak reasons:) But in typical fashion, I did not give into common sense. I showed him a picture of a Shorkie (a shih tzu/yorkie mix) His response was "We don't need a dog. But when we get one we need a big dog." We had looked at Old English Sheep dogs and Newfoundlands when we lived in England. OESD take alot of grooming, so the search for a Newfie began.I found CALI on PUPPYFIND. She was 7 weeks old and ready to come to a new home. I contacted the owner. We conversed for a week or so. Last Monday, I told the girls I had an appointment and I would see them later that evening. Michaela went with her friend Hannah B. to work with the Young Republican group, Emma got ready for her date at Chuckie Cheese's with her Daddy, and I proceeded to drive the 4 hours to Bailey Lakes, Ohio.

The surprise was better than I had imagine--I only wish I had it on video!!!!!

She is a good puppy. A typical puppy--but there is hope for a well trained adult dog. Puppy training begins in 2 weeks. Potty training is underway---hopefully she is a quick learner so I can get the 5 foot cage out of my kitchen and the doorways confining her to the kitchen unblocked:)

Facts about Cali:

*She was named Cali by the owner--third litter--all dogs named with 'C' names.
*She will weigh between 100 and 120 pounds (her dad weighed 150.)
*She has webbed feet--for swimming
*She will drool--UGH
*She is a worker dog
*She LOVES putting her foot on her water bowl and swishing all of the water out {cute the first time, not so much the 50th!}
*Her breed is known as the Gentle Giant--great family dog.
here for more info on Newfoundlands.