Thursday, November 06, 2008

repeat after me...

...i will not become my mother. i will not become my mother.
When does it happen? When do we cross over and say and do the things we swore as children we would NEVER do when we became parents? When do we become our parents??????
You walk into your newly painted living room, only to find a hand print on the wall. You see the small culprit coming down the stairs--dragging her hands down the stairway wall. You open your mouth. The words come out, but it is not your voice you hear. The voice saying, "KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THE WALL." is the voice of YOUR MOTHER!!!!!
The culprit rolls her eyes and says, "When I am a parent, I will not tell my kids to keep their hands off the wall. It is just a wall."
Hence, the cycle of parent and child continues.
I can't wait until SHE"S a Mommy!!!!!!!!!