Friday, November 28, 2008

santa has to start over....

To begin with, yes we do allow our children to 'believe' in Santa.
Yes, we perpetuate the story of Ol' Saint Nick.
We most certainly believe!!!

When Michaela was about 3, we decided that we were going to change how many presents Santa left under the tree.

We listened to the two or three items she would tell Santa she liked.

'Santa' would then bring ONE of the items--because he needs to have enough room in the sleigh for everyone's gifts.

Santa was so proud of himself this year.

He NEVER shops early, but about a month ago, the interactive baby doll that he knew would be on the wish list was found for about 60% less than normal, so it was purchased!

Yoo hoo...
Santa gift
Saved money

Okay, so maybe my closet wasn't the best spot for Santa to leave Emma's present.

Maybe, Santa should have considered that Emma might go into my closet to look for Michaela's slipper--because MY closet is the first place I would look for Michaela's slipper????

So, the doll was discovered, with MUCH excitement--from Emma, Of course, I wanted to scream in frustration!!!!

The doll is still in the closet. It WILL be under the tree--with a tag from Mommy and Daddy instead of Santa.

And Santa has to start over.

I hope Emma can come up with something else because the only other item on her Santa list was a $500.00 stuffed horse she saw at H*me G**ds!!!!

*** I knew my chronic procrastination was a positive personality attribute!!!!!!