Monday, November 10, 2008

"not me" monday...

Check out MckMama’s blog to read what other bloggers DID NOT do this week.

I DID NOT let my sick 5 year old watch Netflix cartoons for hours upon hours today. She was sick. I most certainly would have had her in bed with lots of fluids. I am a good mommy who would not have paused the Netflix cartoon, wrap the feverish child in a blanket, and driven up to McDonalds because all that was in the house was peanut butter and water. I am Mom of the Year and I always have fresh fruits and veggies available. There is always stocked cupboards in my household. I DID NOT have to go through the drive-thru to give my sick child sustenance. Nope. Never. Not me.

I certainly DID NOT whoop out loud when I saw petrol for $2.09. And that means I definitely did not squeal with delight when it later went down to $1.99. I am always frugal with our money and I am not irresponsible enough to make trips in the van unless they are absolutely necessary. I NEVER just hop in the car and go to HOME GOODS to get out of these 4 walls. So how would I know when petrol prices drop?

Being the great example and devoted mother, I know I DID NOT stay up until 4:00am for 4 nights and 6:00am one other night to watch Netflix movies and the entire 4th season of Grey’s Anatomy. Staying up that late would cause me to be unable to get up in the morning to help the girls get ready for school. I would be so tired I would have to nudge my husband all 5 days and say, ‘Can you please get up with them today.” That would be pathetic. That would make me an irresponsible parent. Could not have been me.

And some of the movies I didn’t watch on Netflix were NOT horror shows. Watching horror shows would cause me to be jumpy and irrational when I had to stay by myself on Friday. I am more sensible with my choices. My choices would surely be all G rated cartoons!

Knowing we are trying to watch our dollars, I am sure I DID NOT take 4 showers in one day just to get warm. I would just put on a coat or sweater; wrap up with a blanket. 4 showers in one day! Not me. As I mentioned before, I am frugal.

I have NOT posted everyday on my blog, but NOT written any of my friends. This would be rude and make me a very bad friend!! And I always make time to write my friends.

I know I was not soooooo nervous for my husband and afraid I would want to ‘help’ him out during his interview, I DID NOT hide up in our bedroom while he was having a phone interview. I would be supportive and sit quietly while he answered the questions. I would be his rock. So again, it could not have been me.

I most certainly DID NOT make a Word document of items to add in my NOT ME post. That would mean I was slightly obsessed with blogging and that I have no life outside of these four walls. Oh wait, maybe I did do that because I have no life outside of these four walls.

And lastly, I know I DID NOT wish something really funny would happen to me so I could add it to my NOT ME post. That would be really, really sad!!

Have a great Monday.

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