Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a glimpse into his world...

why does he try?

after 21 years together. 21 years of my twisted logic and crazy scenarios. 21 years of usually shaking his head--in frustration or in amusement--but giving in to me.

he still gives it his best shot.

i just wonder why he doesn't just give in at the beginning of the request and avoid the crazy twisted road the conversation will most likely take:)

15 minutes ago:
the setting: our bedroom
me: oh, i forgot. i need to do a blog post for NABLOPOMO. The laptop is downstairs.
him: you better hurry up. it's almost 11:30.
me: would you please go get it?
him: i am already in bed. plus,my toe hurts from where i smashed it today.
me: my knee hurts. see. it's swollen.
him: it's dark and I don't want to turn on a light and wake the dog.
me: the hall lamp is on. you'll be fine.
him: no, i almost ran into the new shelf when i went down and let her out earlier.
me: oh, then you definitely better go. you already know how to maneuver in the dark. i might get really hurt.
him: looks at me with 'the look' that says, 'how do you come up with these things.'
me: plus, with my knee hurting, i may drop your laptop. i am only thinking of you. what would you do without your laptop. (you know, the one i ran over with the van!)
him: knowing he cannot refute my logic (i.e. wanting me to stop talking) goes down and brings me the laptop.

puppy crying fades in

me: thank you for getting the laptop
him: uh huh.
me: cali's crying. do you think she needs to go out?
him: i don't know. she just kept running into the evil neighbor's yard when i took her out before.
me: can you go let her out? she probably has to poo
him: no. i did not want a dog. she is your dog. you go.
me: how would you feel if you had to poo and no one would let you out to go?
him: again, 'the look'.
me: please.
him: it's your turn.
me: some bribes i won't mention:) {all said in jest}
him: laughing because he knows i am not serious in my bribery:)
me: you need to do all your turns in case you get that job and you are gone. i will be here doing everything all by myself.
him: uh huh
me: ummm. oh yeah, I am afraid to go outside at night. it is very dark.
him: muffled laughter in his pillow
me: seriously. why are you laughing. someone might take me and you will be asleep and you won't hear me screaming.
him: more muffled laughter
me: the fear ages me. you don't want me to look older do you?
him: 'the look'---again. shaking of the head added
me: i am only asking you to let the dog out. i am not asking you to jump in your car and go buy some popcorn. but....would you?
him: i am not going to go buy popcorn. you should have gotten it when you went shopping yesterday
me: I was too busy thinking about the needs of my family. i bought coffee AND creamer for you--without you having to remind me. i did not have time to think of my own needs. (not sure popcorn falls under the need category, but hey, when the martyr meter is going, you do what you have to:)}
him: we have carrots in the refrigerator. i will go get you some of them
me: okay. while you're down there, would you let the dog out. smile, smile
him: the look of defeat as he goes downstairs

10 seconds ago:
him: {upon his return from downstairs} that worked out well
the sound of a puppy crying in the background
me: did she go?
him: i don't know. she ran off into the evil neighbor's yard again.
the puppy crying getting louder and louder
his eyes glance at the computer screen. he rolls them
him: yeah, i see you're writing about me.
he rolls over and goes ot sleep.

i love you honey. you are the greatest. and just to let you know, as you sleep next to me, NOT snoring (ha'), the dog has finally stopped crying. but boy, popcorn would sure be yummy about now! this conversation was almost has good as the one we had when we were first married and i wanted new furniture. you should have learned then to give up :p