Sunday, November 02, 2008

i will not complain no matter the outcome...

With the upcoming Presidential election only two days away, the talk everywhere I have been has been about who is going to be the next President of the United States. Some voters are excited about the prospect of the first African-American president or the first woman Vice-President. Others voice fear over the future of America if this one wins. Or if that one wins. There are strong convictions on both sides of the vote.

I am not political. I AM a law abiding citizen that is very thankful for the freedom this country allows me. Yet, I am not interested in politics. I have never voted.

Okay, I will wait for the gasps to stop. Everyone picked their jaws up off the floor? What? Yes, I know it is my responsibility. Yes, I know many have died for me to have this right. Okay. Okay. I know 'every vote counts'. {which actually they do not in a Presidential election--if it did Al Gore would have been President), but even with these arguments, I do not vote.

Why do I not vote? Call me cynical, but I do not believe that what the candidates tell us during their campaigning is true. They ARE campaigning to win the ultimate political prize--Commander in Chief. They tell us what demographics tell them we want to hear. Do I have strong convictions about issues? Most definitely I do! Do I doubt that politicians hold firmly to their beliefs? Certainly if the beliefs are not popular with the constituents. I have a difficult time deciding between the lesser of two evils; deciding who is lying 'the least'. So I choose to not vote.
But you, please go out and vote on Tuesday. And while you are deciding your vote for the next leader of our country, consider the candidates political experience, not the impact of his skin color on history. Weigh out his belief on the value of life at all stages of development, not his charisma when he speaks. Determine if your nation will be safe from outside enemies with a leader that has no military experience. Honestly contemplate the future of the USA as we know it before you cast your vote on Tuesday.
I will not be in the voting booth on Tuesday, but I will be kneeling in prayer for the future of our 'one nation under God'.