Saturday, November 15, 2008

snippets from a lazy saturday...

The weather has changed once again.

It is cold and rainy.

But we are having great family Saturday--snuggling by the fire, eating chips and salsa from Margaritas, and watching a movie on NETFLIX.
What could be better?
Emma Shea has come up with a few new phrases this week--besides the evil ones that come out when the demon possesses her.
*While Michaela, Emma, and I were walking through the store; Michaela talking non-stop, Emma looked at her and said, "Shhhhh!!! I would like some peace and quiet."
She said she has heard me say that--I cannot imagine that. I love to hear my daughters' lyrical voices nonstop. I hang on their every word.:o}
*Tonight Michaela went into the kitchen to get a drink. Emma looked at her and said,"Would you kindly please get me a glass of water?" Kindly please?????
****This politeness after a VERY difficult morning, afternoon, day.
*Her favorite word has changed from 'actually' to 'eventually'.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured out how to put a strike-through in my post.
I cannot believe I forgot to post for NABLOPOMO on Thursday.
It's the most wonderful time of the year day---bedtime for anyone with 4 legs or under the age of 13!!!
It is adult time--no whining {unless I don't get to choose the movie:)}, no crying {unless I choose to watch Brian's Song:( }, no interruptions!!!
Hope you have a great evening. Talk to you tomorrow!!