Friday, July 31, 2009

friday frivolity...

Today was a good day.

Friends from La Grange drove up our way and we headed to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky {We got Guest passes from a friend of the Beckleys so it was free~ which made it even nicer:)}

Stephen even went~~he worked last night so he was exhausted, but it was good for him to once again be able to do something with us.

The museum was wonderfully done~~the facility is beautiful, the exhibits are well researched and presented, and the outdoor gardens are brilliant.

Unfortunately, they developers left out the Biblical principle of the necessity for baptism~~it IS necessary for salvation.
Michaela headed back to La Grange with the Gina for a gathering at the home of some of the members of the congregation.

C and L are having the young people over to sing songs of praise and to enjoy one another's company~~~and some great coffee.

I am so thankful there are so many opportunities for her and the others to spend time with one another.

Maybe we can relocate closer to La Grange in the near future so that she can participate in all the get to-gethers!
I cannot believe it is August already. Where has the year gone?

Michaela turns 13!!!!!! in two weeks~~sadly her party activities have had to be postpone due to a lack of income.

Thankfully she is a very tenderhearted and caring child; she understands and does not mind.
Steve and I filled out his forms (online) for unemployment...

Can I just say that was a PAINFUL process!

I am surprised they did not want shoe size and blood type.

We will know in 2 weeks if he can collect~~I am sure the mortgage company will appreciate us getting some $ in so we can pay them next month:)
This week has been an uneventful 7 days..

well, besides the earth shattering, life altering event of Tuesday!

I just hope next week brings some calm to my thoughts...

and a job wouldn't be too bad either:)
Right now I have a migraine that has refused to go away since this evening and has persisted for so long that I am now nauseous.

I think I will shut the computer down now and put a pillow over my head~~hopefully sleep will relieve the headache so the nausea can go away!

Have a great weekend