Wednesday, July 22, 2009

nearly wordless wednesday...

I know I just posted this picture a few days ago, but I love the sweetness of it so I chose it for my Nearly Wordless Wednesday picture.

This is Emma.

She is 5~~almost 6.

She LOVES her big sister Michaela!

Michaela is 12~~almost 13.

Michaela went away to a Christian girls camp last week...

she was gone for SIX days.

For Emma it was SIX very looooooooong days.

On Friday, the SIXTH day of her big sister being gone; the day she was to return...

Emma took her little chair outside on the sidewalk....

and waited for her big sister to FINALLY get home!

Sadly, it was a long wait because she went out about 2 hours before Michaela was to arrive home:(

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