Thursday, July 02, 2009

the simple things in life...

Do you remember the time in your life when you were content with the simplest of things?

Hours of fun were had with a jump rope or a can and strings.

A hole of dirt and water created the ingredients for servings of mud pies

Adventures were embarked upon with just a simple box and our imaginations.

Life was carefree.

Life was simple.

Today, as the girls and I were driving home from shopping, Emma randomly says, "Mommy, I liked our old house better."

Me: What 'old house, Emma?"

Em: "The one in England. The one on the base"

Me: "The dorm?????" (This was the 400 sq ft place we lived in for months and months)

Em:"Yes! I liked it because I got to sleep in the living room and we had tv."

Me: "You can watch tv at home here."

Em: "No, the tv that you can change the channels!"

{We do not have television, only DVDs and Netflix}

It's the simple things.....

a pull out couch and more than one channel to watch: