Monday, July 27, 2009

things that make you say, hmmmm...

Tonight, as I sat at the kitchen table~~doing the Chemistry I have put off until the last minute~~I heard the whirr of the weed eater start up outside.

And yes, I am sure 'whirr' is the official name to the sound the weed eater makes.

After about 15 minutes, the whirring stopped.

I pushed my Chemistry homework aside with great reluctance gladly closed the book and went outside.

Everywhere I looked I saw piles of grass. After about 4 weeks, Steve had finally edged the yard.

Because I do know my limits...I mow and weed, but for the sake of the yard, I DO NOT 'weed eat' or edge.

I was about to offer to get the blower and blow off the sidewalks when I saw.....

Steve.... VACUUMING the yard!!!

I am not sure what to think...

but the butler and groundskeeper think it looks splendid:)