Monday, July 13, 2009

if hydrogen reacts with oxygen.....

I got Michaela off to camp.

We got a little lost misplaced, but we finally found the very obscure camp in Lafayette, Indiana.

I sat in church for a total of 3 hours yesterday and drove a total of 12 hours yesterday!! And when I arrived home at 2:45 am, my bum knew it!!!!

Now I am studying for my first Chemistry test of the term.

Writing molecular equations
Knowing the formulas and charges for 17 polyatomic ions
Balancing equations
Determining the type of reactions of compounds
Determining the products of single and double replacement reactions
Stoichiometry problems
Mole-mole factors...

I know, I know it is not polite to gloat about all the fun I am having and you are not!

So I guess I had better get back to the books!!!

See you tomorrow!