Thursday, February 19, 2009

can you hear me now?

I will be the first to admit that I love the convenience of my cell phone.

When I remember to turn it on or take it with me!

When I do have it, I try to limit my phone conversations when I am out in public.

I will sit in my van and finish the conversation. Or, I will cut my husband off~~lovingly, of course~~ and tell him I am in the middle of a store/restaurant/... to make it quick. I just do not feel that everyone in the vicinity should hear about the frustrations/joys/hiccups of my life. All of Florence does not need to know what is happening in the M household!

I just wish others were as considerate.

I understand the,"Hey honey, can you grab some toilet paper while you are out." Or,

"Can you pick up Henry? I am running late."

I do not understand airing out your lives as you walk through a store.

Today, as Emma and I were walking through Target, we were bombarded with conversation after conversation.

We learned one man's opinion about the contestants voted off American Idol~~from 4 aisles away.

We heard a woman's frustration, and not so nice thoughts, about her ex~husband.

We even learned about the weekend plans of a college student and his friends.

Everywhere we went, people were discussing their LIVES. No holds barred. No topic off limits.

The most disturbing conversation we 'walked in to' was as we went up to the clearance racks in the girl's section.

Lady in Store (LIS) : okay, do your work.
LIS: I am sorry about this morning.
LIS: You know I heard from Ms. ______. She is pressing charges.
LIS: For threatening her today. You are going to juvie. The authorities have been notified.
LIS: I am devastated. {said in a un~devastated tone as she continued to look through the clearance rack}
LIS: Its too late for sorry......

Conversation continues. Emma and I leave.


You are going to discuss your child threatening a teacher, being picked up by the authorities, and taken to Juvenile Hall IN TARGET!!!!!

Isn't that a topic of conversation you would want to discuss in the privacy of your home?

Can we apply some phone usage etiquette?

Or maybe some plain common sense?

**And completely NOT ABOUT CELL PHONE usage in stores: If your child had threatened a teacher, the authorities been called, and your child was being sent to juvie~~~~wouldn't you WANT to be home when your child got off of the bus? Wouldn't you WANT to talk to the child about threatening a teacher? A face to face conversation about what was going to happen to your child MIGHT be in order, instead of walking around Target?!!!?