Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a quickie....

I have decided that my birthday will last all week

So this post is really not late. I just chose to write it a few days INTO my birthday week!

I have to make this quick because I have homework to do~~and I am running out of days~~~ and I have to throw dinner in the crockpot and make my bread dough so it can rise.

Being Tammy Homemaker is ALOT of work!
My birthday started off with a phone call from my dear friend, Renea. She called me at 12:20 am to be the first to sing to me. Sadly, I was in such a deep sleep I couldn't figure out what the ringing was. I kept telling Steve his work phone was ringing, could he answer it!!!

But, once I finally woke up enough to be coherent, I was pleasantly pleased to hear her sweet voice on the other end~~even from 6 hours away. {I have a lot of GREAT memories involving Renea singing!!!!}

Steve then wished me a happy birthday. And we went back to sleep.

AS I mentioned before, I told Steve I really did not want any to`do and he WAS NOT to buy anything!!! He had Guard duty so he left at 6:30. The girls AND the dog slept until 10:00am~~~which was all the gift I needed!

We got up and got Emma ready to dance at the mall at 11:45.

Kathy surprised us and met us at the mall to watch Emma Shea. Emma danced. Kathy left to go meet Joe. (AND DIDN'T MENTION MY BIRTHDAY OR EVEN ASK US TO EAT LUNCH LUNCH WITH HER.~~HOW RUDE!!!}

The girls and I went home. They went downstairs to read and watch a movie. I did some studying.

Michaela was cooking dinner for me later, so I made a grocery list {because there is nothing better than doing something you hate on your birthday!} and had one foot in the garage when I heard the phone ring.

I debated about not answering it, but I rang back in and grabbed it.

It was Simona on the other end. She had been with 10 9~13 year old boys for two days and wanted some adult time. Abby and Hannah were wanting the girls to come over also.

The girls and I got ready and headed over.

After getting everyone settled, Simona and I headed to Rookwood because she said she needed to go to C*ldwater Creek. {even thought there is one in Crestview}. We walked around the stores. Sat and drank coffee and Coke. And then she said, 'Okay, lets go. The real reason we are here is to eat dinner!' We head over to Buca (YUM YUM). I am taken back to a room where my husband, Joe and Kathy, Tim, and the Spargos are all sitting. I was COMPLETELY surprised!

I cannot believe Steve pulled it off. He NEVER keeps a secret. And Kathy and Simona were VERY sneaky! Creeps!!!!!!!

It was a great night. Lots of fun, LOTS of food, and friends!

Thanks guys!

That is my birthday in a nutshell. I hope it makes sense~~I rushed so I can go and do my cooking and studying! I will post pictures soon!