Friday, February 06, 2009

friday frivolity...

Well, I survived my first college lecture after many years. The instructor is hyper and likes to let you know that she is an engineer. It will be a very INTERESTING term.

I took my first quiz. I stressed about it~~as is typical for me. And then I took it and it was 5 questions. FIVE! I was finished in a couple minutes. All 5 right!! Yeah me!
Cali went in for surgery yesterday. No babies in her future. No dealing with her being 'in heat'. She also had a gastropexy. Large dog breeds are prone to having their stomachs twist causing a life threatening situation. So they tacked her stomach so that it doesn't twist. Her incision is about 15 inches long. It looks like the gutted her!
Of course it hasn't slowed her down!

Steve did not work his 'pretend' job tonight {it is his Guard weekend and working around the clock for three days is a bit too much} so we loaded up and went to the cheap seats and saw Marley and Me. {Which ironically, Marley dies from the condition we just had the gastropexy performed on Cali to prevent.} It was a good movie, despite Owen Wilson being in it. All of us, and I mean ALL of us had to wipe tears away!
After the movie we went to Cr*cker Barrel for dinner. The girls had looked around at the toys in the store. When we got into the van, Emma gasps and becomes panicked. She has walked out with a Rubik's Cube. She starts crying and apologizing. Steve took it back in. Emma was sooooo upset. I held her and explained to her that she did not steal it. It was an accident. She did not decide to take the toy without paying. No worries!

It was 50 degrees today!
I just heard a huge chunk of ice slide off of the roof.
It is supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow.
Yoo hoo!
Maybe all of the snow will melt!
In a few hours, I leave my 30s behind!
I think my husband actually listened to my desires~~~since my family cannot keep a secret, I do not think there are any big plans made to welcome in my 40s.
A quiet family celebration is all I want.