Wednesday, February 11, 2009

toto, i don't think we're in Kentucky anymore...

I am sitting at the kitchen table, taking notes on body planes, listening to the wind trying to blow down everything in its path.

Kentucky is in for more crazy weather!

We had a 'hurricane' in September~~~ a new roof had to put on the house.

Snow and ice that caused 100,000s of Kentuckians to lose power~~two weeks ago.

Temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s last week.

and now.....

damaging winds, hail, and up to an inch of rain are on the way.

Winds in the tropical storm category~~~if, you know, we lived near water!

Please pray that the damage will be minimal. With the recent ice storm and saturated ground, they {you know, THEY} are saying the potential of trees and limbs falling is great. The risk of homes losing power is also increased. And some in the state JUST got their power turned back on from the ice storm.

Guess I should get back to anterior. posterior, anteroposterior....