Friday, February 13, 2009

friday frivolity...

I am taking three classes {8 credits} this term~~~my developmental math, disaster preparedness (I am pretty sure my life has prepared me enough for disaster:):)}, and medical terminology (and NO, I am not becoming a nurse). I had a cultural diversity{Heeeelloooo, taught in Cincinnati and lived in England. I am pretty culturally diverse!} class on Saturdays, but I dropped it last week. When I decided to go back to school I knew I did not want my coursework to interrupt our lives~~classes online and at night and studying done while Emma is in school.

That was my plan.

Last Saturday was supposed to be my first class and Emma had a dance recital at the mall. I made arrangements for Kathy take her (Steve's guard weekend.) and bring her home. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I did not want to have SOMEONE else take her to her 2 minute dance at the mall. So I dropped the class and got to take her myself!!
I have been sooooooo busy this week with schoolwork {above mentioned plan~~~not so much this week!} I have been playing catch up in my terminology class due to various reasons {poor online class set-up, ...!}, so I feel like all I have told Emma is, "I will do that later. I have to finish...." "Please just let me finish ......."

She has been very patient. But, it is wearing thin. Today she said, "So, after today you will study while I am in school and we can start doing our activities after school again?" Um, yes hon, sorry!

I finished a terminology test and disaster quiz this morning and wrote my one page paper on the National Response Framework this afternoon. I am now caught up and finished for the week. Except for calling in pronunciations, but that will take less than 2 minutes and I can do that at 3am if I need to.

So, with head pounding and schoolwork COMPLETED~~~the girls and I headed to the money saver theatre and watched Bedtime Stories. Cute movie. Emma wants to watch it AGAIN!!

Of course, Twilight is playing now so Michaela wants to go see that again.
Steve is sleeping. He is working his pretend job tonight!
Our visitors are coming tomorrow! {insert appropriate expression here} LOTS of studying will be accomplished as I h--e out!
We did not get as damaging of a storm as they predicted on Wednesday. Thankfully!
I am off ~~~i.e. not move an inch from where I am sitting and open another tab on the computer and go to abc.go~~~ to watch last night's episode of Grey's.