Tuesday, February 03, 2009

hey, guess what!

I found out why Emma was crying this morning!!!

I felt so guilty about the morning, I went to pick her up and take her to lunch.

When I gathered her from PARENT PICK UP I noticed a red welt on her forehead.

The conversation went as followed....

Me: What happened to your forehead?
Em: with a look of astonishment, I fell this morning.
Me: Is that why you were crying?
Em: Um, yes!!!
Me: Why didn't you answer me when I was calling for you/
Em: I didn't hear you.
Me: I am sooooo sorry. I didn't know you fell. Do you wanna' go out for lunch?
Em: YES!!!!!

Drama over!!!

It is now over 12 hours of CONTINUOUS snow.


The white blobs are the snowflakes~~about 5 minutes ago.

My Math class was cancelled tonight~~great start to the semester.

It took Steve 2 hours to get home from Northgate ~typically a 45 minute drive.

He did not make it to the visitation. Or the funeral.

The call just came in!!! NO SCHOOL for the girls tomorrow.
{They are now going until the first week of June. GRRRRR}.

And it's only February!!!!!!