Tuesday, February 24, 2009

happy pancake day!

Yes, I know to some this is Fat Tuesday, but to us it is Pancake Day.

To all of our British friends, I hope you enjoyed your PANCAKES!!!!

Today, Steve called around 4 and asked if the girls and I wanted to come up to Atri@ for a Mardi Gras celebration~~~because, you know, no one parties like the 70 and 80 year olds!!!!

******Last year Venice, Italy, this year Northgate, Ohio!!!!!!

So I closed my books, packed up my school bag, and we headed out.

And.... it was what you would expect a Mardi Gras party to be in an assisted living facility!!!!

The girls had a great time helping out with the activities~and of course everyone LOVES Emma!!!

I enjoyed sitting away from the action and doing some people~watching.

I was intrigued as I sat and observed the interaction between the residents of this small community.

I saw the loners~~~the individuals content to sit off to the side and observe.(ah hem)
And there were the social butterflies~~~the ones that talk to everyone that pass by.
I saw the 'negative, never content with anythings', and the 'life of the party'-ers. There were leaders and there were followers. Those that could care less about the opinions of those around them and those that agreed with whatever the person they were with wanted. I saw the ones everyone wanted to be around and the one that caused everyone to cringe whenever he was heading in their direction.

I saw individuals just trying to fit in in the community they live in.

As I sat there observing, I realized that the scene would be the same no matter what the age-group. Junior high, high school, the work place. No matter the age or the setting, the dynamics of the people interacting are the same.

I realized that the cycle of human interaction does not change~~~it just slows down some as we get older:)