Saturday, February 28, 2009

we are home...

Michaela and I are home from our Ladies Getaway in Lafayette, Indiana.

It was a great time.

Michaela had some great lessons in her sessions.

I had an 'iron skillet to the head' moment in my holy marriage session.

And the fellowship and edification from 259 other Christian women was priceless.

The ladies from the Lafayette church of Christ did a fantastic job!! Thank you to all!

An added bonus to the weekend was reconnecting with Laurie, Deborah, and Sarah from Muncie. I have not seen them in YEARS. It was a great blessing to be able to catch up with them again!

Michaela, Hannah and I stopped by my friends Shelly and Emory's (since we were up that way!). I was so happy to see Emory up and about after his surgery. It was a good thing!!!!

Emma had a great time with Abbi. She was exhausted and barely made it to her bed before collapsing.

Steve and I saw each other for 15 seconds as he kissed me hello and goodbye and went off to work his security job.

I am going to go take a shower and wash the AWFUL sulfur-smelling, hard Indiana water off of me and crash in my comfy, pillow top king size bed~~~because I am too old to sleep on a bunk bed mattress~~or at least sleep well!!! Next year, Holiday Inn!!!!!