Tuesday, February 03, 2009

it is only 9:00am and it is already ONE OF THOSE DAYS...

I think I will just go back to bed.

It is safer there.

The morning started off less than stellar.

Michaela and Steve got up and got ready with no incidence~~that I know of since I am still feigning sleep while they are both bustling around.

I let Emma sleep a few minutes later than normal, but not too late.

***In hindsight~~~I should have used this time to take my shower and get dressed!!!

She got washed down and dressed. Teeth were brushed. Hair put in pigtails (the new hairdo she wants EVERYDAY).

Cali gets herself wrapped around the wood holder; is barking. (barking=ANNOYING; must stop)

We fixed her snack. Got her packed up and ready to go.

Cali is wrapped around again. Yep, barking. I bring her in.

Emma remembers that I bought her a new folder~~cuz' Cali ate her other one!!!

The bus passes.

Emma does not remember where she put it.

We look in a few places. It is no where I think to look.
(Hmmmm. maybe if she put things where they belong she would know where they were when she wanted them. Maybe I should tell her that~~~~a few thousand more times!!!)

She gets moody. Begins to mope.

The bus is coming back to her stop.

"Run Emma, I will look for it. If you do not stop grumping about it, you will not get it at all."

Emma takes off around the house to the bus stop. She does not come out onto the road. The bus is at the stop.

Emma emerges from around the driveway crying.

***Maybe now is a good time to insert that I am in my pajamas at the front door. No socks. No shoes. No 'unmentionable' and a reindeer sweatshirt with a red pom pom nose (sound familiar Renea?) that I threw on last night because I was cold. Not so ready to meet the world this lovely Tuesday morning.

I am angry because I think she is crying about the folder. Oh wait, maybe it is because she thinks the bus is going to leave her. Whatever the reason, she just needs to walk the 20 feet to the bus so it can go to the next stop..

I am calling her name to tell her to come back~~I will drive her to school. I contemplate how to run and get my shoes without her thinking I have just left. Maybe I should just run out as I am to get her, but there are some things that noone should be subjected to! The bus stop is at the end of our yard. She does this every morning~~ and does not want us to walk with her.

Why won't she JUST.GET.ON.THE.BUS???

She does not respond. I bellow. She does not answer. ( I am going with she could not hear me over her crying~~she certainly was not ignoring me.)

About this time I see a neighbor boy come running out of his house, with no shoes on, and he slips and falls. HARD.

Oh, did I mention it is lightly snowing?

I am bellowing gently calling to Emma. Still no response from her.

The bus driver yells at her to stop walking. He puts the bus in park, gets out to help her on. (probably thinking the whole time, "Why doesn't your mom just get out here and help you?")


The dusting of snow we are getting is making the roads slicker than snot. ( I have never typed that phrase before:)

The bus drives off.

Slipping and sliding
Holding up the bus
Giving nosy, busybody neighbors fodder for their gossip sessions

All before 8:30am

I am exhausted!!!

Tomorrow~~~shower and dress BEFORE Emma wakes up!!!!!!! You know, in case there is another morning emergency.


And there is even MORE fun in store for today.

I go to my first Math class tonight. YEAH!! I have even read over the two sections we will go over tonight AND worked some of the problems. I am sooooo going to be the teacher's pet.:):):) jj

Steve and the girls are going to the visitation of a man that we used to worship with. They will be surrounded by people who have ostracized us. Should be a fun evening for Steve. At least there will be some friendly faces in the crowd.

I should go grocery shopping while Emma is in school, but I am afraid to go out and see what ELSE is in store for the day.