Monday, February 09, 2009

Go ahead, admit it!
You really did NOT do that!
I cannot believe it!!!
It's a good thing it's that time of the week again.
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It is NOT ME! that is supposed to be submitting her work for one of her online classes, NOT looking at blogs! Surely if I had work to submit and a test to take, I would be focusing on that NOT on Not Me Monday!
It is NOT ME! that when I was just setting up the laptop to submit my work (you know after the important blog checking) knocked over my BRAND NEW large Dr. Pepper from Micky D's. It was NOT ME! that grabbed my $100.00 school book to save from a DP bath, only to leave the laptop in the edge of the growing puddle. I would certainly save the computer first!!
It is NOT ME! that had to mop my entire floor because I did not catch the 60 lb puppy before she cam in from outside~~where the 8+ inches of snow and ice we had have melted causing a lovely mud bog. It was NOT ME! whose kitchen floor looked like chocolate had been smeared ALL OVER IT. It is NOT ME! that is considering buying our 60lb soon to be 120lb puppy a set of rubber boots for her paws so that I can survive the next few months with some sanity!
It is NOT ME! that said I was going to post about my 40th birthday and still haven't because I actually went to bed at 11:00pm last night. It is NOT ME! that has not fallen asleep that early since we moved back to the States. I guess you are more tired in your old age:):)
It is NOT ME that is actually going to go work on my schoolwork to get as much done before the bus drops Emma off in 2.5 hours!
Can't wait to read your NOT MEs!~~~AFTER I have finished ALL of my work, of course