Saturday, February 21, 2009

it was going to be a happy post...

Have you ever had one of those days when you wished you listened to that little voice that screamed at you 'JUST STAY IN BED!!!!!"

I heard that voice today. And I chose to ignore it.

In hindsight, not one of my smartest decisions!

The morning began with Steve and Michaela heading out to Atri@ for Steve's MOD duties.

Emma, who had gone to bed late heard them getting ready and decided to begin her day at 8:00am.
... and I know for some of you, if your child slept until 8:00am you would jump for joy. In this house, 8:00 is early. Especially if you stay up WAY PAST YOUR SCHOOL DAY BEDTIME.

Of course, I was not ready to get up so I did what every MOM OF THE YEAR would do, I told Emma to crawl up into my bed. I then found a cartoon on Netflix and handed her the laptop. A few extra moments of sleep were achieved.

Knowing that Cali had to go have her incision checked at the vets, I ignored the screaming voice telling me to just roll back over and go to sleep, and got up and began my day. I fought the urge to reschedule the appointment. I had to go get dog food anyways and it would take 5 minutes for them to look and make sure everything looked okay.

Should of gone with the urge!

After being dragged through the parking lot by our well trained dog {just picture any show/commercial that has an individual walking a large breed hyper dog that does not walk well on a lease. The person being taken for a walk~~ yep, that would be me} we arrived for our 5 minute appointment--10 minutes early. We were then told that as soon as a room opened up, we could be seen. Umm, yeah. I have an appointment!!!

While we sat outside waiting for our turn, I noticed that the nylon part of our $40.00 retractable leash was about to break~~literally only about 1/16 of the fibers were holding it together. I sat there in the waiting area (the vet is in Petsmart) and pictured Cali seeing a dog or child she wanted to meet and the leash breaking completely~~and Cali being FREE. In Petsmart. With all the food and treats she could possibly want!!

So, instead of being the crazy woman that had to chase her 65 lb puppy through the store, I went and grabbed a leash off of the shelf and went back to waiting~~noticing the stares as I put the price tag in my pocket and the leash on Cali.

ONE HOUR LATER! we finish our 5 minute appointment!

I grab the 50 lb bag of food, throw it into the shopping cart that Emma insists she can push--even though she can not see over it--and head to the registers. After apologizing a gazillion times for the over exuberant Cali and the poor cart steering Emma, we arrive and walk up to pay! After almost having my arm ripped from its shoulder socket because Cali wanted to go visit someone, was asked by the sales clerk if we had participated in any of the training classes they offered~~~My response, as I made sure my arm still was connected, was "Yes, can't you tell?????"

We head out to the van. We make it with little mishaps~~~mud puddles ARE irresistible!

I drive home~~hitting only a few of the MANY winter potholes~~ because you can only weave while you are driving so often before you get pulled over for drunk driving.

I arrive at home, with me tires still inflated and my front end still intact.

I swing by the mailbox.

And then I REALLY wish I had listened to THAT VOICE!!

Emma's early morning is beginning to show and she is sent to bed. She goes calmly, graciously, and without backtalk.
Parenting completed. Child asleep within 3 minutes of lying down. Onto the mail.

I look through the mail and see Steve's paycheck from his 2nd job, three letters forwarded from England, and a large envelope from Citibank.

So I begin opening the letters forwarded from England....

Letter number one:
Dear Mrs. M___
This letter is to inform you that you owe Central Texas College $$$ for a course taken in the Fall, 2006. Yadda Yadda. We sent you a letter on 9/23/08 and 10/25/08 with no reply from you. Your account has been turned over to C*nverse for collection.........

  • I do not owe this. I paid my part.
  • Three of the four people from the CDC {on the base in England} who were involved with this class and the payment of it are no longer there.
  • has taken THREE YEARS to contact me. T.H.R.E.E. years.

Letter #2

Dear Mrs. M____,

Your account with Central Texas College has been referred to us for collection. yadda yadda yadda.

So, I receive notice of a debt and the collection notice all in the same day. Nice. But I do have 10 days to dispute the charges. Wow, how nice of them. They take 1095+ days to contact me, and I have a generous 10.

Croughton continues to bite me in the bum!!!!!

Letter #3

A past due notice from August, 2008 from the lawn care service I hired when I came back in September, 2007. Services from 6 months ago. I have spoken to them since I have been back~to cancel service. Nothing was said. No bills have been sent since the final bill in September. I do not get it!!!!

This account was paid with direct debit from our account in England. An account that is now closed. An account we had for only 6 months and for which I do not have any records {Yes I know, not smart. But we were flying back here and I do not like clutter} because we only used it to pay our British rent, the lawn service, and to transfer my childminding monies to our 'real' account.

Oh, my head hurts!!!

But lets keep opening more mail!!!


Credit report service

Mr. M_____,

Thank you for your participation ........... You will find a detailed summary of your credit history and your credit score. ...........................

I scan through. Everything is as I would expect.

Until I take a closer look!!

Line One:

HONDA FINANCE: Lease completed/balance due.

Derog. last reported 2006.

Let's see, that lease ended in 2004. We had all the final inspections completed. Arrangements were made for the car to be returned in Charleston because Steve was on orders down there at the time. Car was returned at agreed upon dealership. Papers signed. End of lease.

So, if the lease ended satisfactorily in 2004, WHY is there derog. reporting in 2006?????

I am so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We pay off everything while we are overseas. We feel good that we only have our house payment and incidentals to worry about each month and now I get to spend time researching 4 and 5 year old debts, writing letters, and hoping for the best.

I just wanna go back to bed!!!!

But on a good note, Steve's check was correct!!!

Some days should be spent under the covers; in the dark!!