Monday, February 02, 2009

not me! monday...

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It is NOT ME! that after 5 snow days last week, is sooooooo happy to put my daughters on the school bus this morning.
It was NOT ME!!! that thought I had dropped my phone on the snow while taking the dog out.
It was certainly NOT ME!! that searched and searched for the cell phone in my backyard~~hoping it made a hole when it fell that I would be able to see in the snow.
It was NOT ME! that finally had my daughter call the NOT lost cell phone so that I could hear it ringing as I searched in the 3 inches of snow.
It was NOT ME! that heard the ringing of the NOT lost cell phone in the pocket of the hoodie I had put on to go outside.
It was NOT ME! that told my 12 year to stop shaking her head at me; that one day she would be old too.
They say the mind is the first to go!! Boy am I glad I did not do this. I would be worried that my mind was teetering on the edge It was NOT ME! that spent hours cleaning off our driveway only to have the snow plow come through and block the entrance with 6 inches of snow!

Gotta' love the county to NOT leave piles of snow in front of driveways!!
It was NOT ME! that gave my children a choice of leftover chicken spaghetti concoction or popcorn for dinner. It WAS NOT! my children who chose popcorn! It WAS NOT! me who then went out to eat steak with my husband.

This would have been the first time in a loooooooong time we went out childless~~if, you know , we actually did this!
It as NOT ME! that 2 days after serving my children popcorn for dinner, went out for dinner and a movie with my husband~~WITH.NO.CHILDERN. again!

Hey, I at least would have fixed them hamburgers and a vegetable for dinner if I had actually gone on date and left them home again!

It was NOT ME! that did the happy dance when I received the notice in the mail that my jury duty had been postponed until further notice! It is NOT ME! that has gotten out of jury duty twice in the last 6 months. I mean I could give up 6 months of my life, have to hire a babysitter to watch Emma when she got out of school, and make $12.50 a day!!! It certainly is NOT ME! that would not jump at that opportunity!

$12.50 a day is $12.50 more than I make now!!! Hmmm.

It is NOT ME! that is beginning her new college career tomorrow! It is NOT ME! that will be sitting in classrooms with students young enough to be MY children. I mean who would choose a complete career change at the age of 39 and 51 weeks! NOT ME!!!


  1. LOL - I can picture the cell phone thing - that's me ALL the time. Too funny - thanks for sharing.

  2. Great not me monday I to have a habbit of leaving my phone in my coat

  3. Happy Not Me! Monday. Congrats on being #4 on the blog carnival this week.

  4. Good luck in college! I think it's wonderful that you're doing that.

  5. Great Not me's. Congrats on college. That is wonderful.

  6. Ha ha we did the same thing, friday me made the kids frozen dinners and went to Cheesecake Factory with some friends, then Saturday we fixed the cereal and off we went to Outback!:( But this is my modo, moms not happy the whole family isnt!! and I needed some happiness this weekend!! Love you post! Happy Monday!!

  7. ohhh the cell phone thing.. I do this too. Minus the digging in the snow.

  8. I love your cell phone story. I was looking for my phone day and I too had put it in the pocket of my hoodie. Age is a scary thing......

  9. Snow. what's that? That's pretty funny about your cell phone. But glad none of that ACTUALLY happened... ; )

  10. That was hilarious. But it wasn't me that heard my phone ringing and had me spinning around like I was a dog looking for it. It was in my pants back pocket. Oh wait no it wasn't, I would know if it was there. :) LOL! Have a great week!