Saturday, June 27, 2009

enough already...

***this was my post for Thursday, but I could not add it due to the internet being down.

The sky was a darkening quickly. The clouds changing from fluffy white to ominous gray in a matter of moments. I was frantically trying to get the cover onto the pool before the skies opened up. Michaela, seeing me struggling from the kitchen window, ran outside to help. We each grabbed an end and began to pull. As we were finishing up, she looks over at me and says, "They said on the radio that someone may have died. Someone named Michael Jackson?"

Her NOT knowing who Michael Jackson was could be a post all of it's own:)

We finished up with the pool and ran inside seconds after the rains began.

The radio was playing Michael songs one after another, but there was no information being shared. So having no television to watch and the internet being out, I waited patiently to hear what the DJs had to say I picked up the phone and called Renea in Alabama to see what she had heard. Nothing of his death was being confirmed.

Finally, the DJs came back on and confirmed that he had indeed died.

And then IT began.

For hours, 'tributes' to the King of Pop were being aired. There was no escaping the Michael Jackson madness that had taken over the airwaves. Beat It. P.Y.T. Thriller~~~all being played more in the immediate hours after his death than they had been the last 10 years combined. People calling in to express their sadness and disbelief that 'he was really gone.' Phrases like, "He was such an icon." "He was such a huge influence on the American culture." "He will truly be missed." were being uttered by crying, distraught fans. The emotions being expressed for this singer were those of reverence and awe; as if for a god.

I was appalled.

He was an overpaid SINGER/ENTERTAINER!

I could easily climb up onto my soap box about musicians, actors, and athletes being paid millions while teachers, fireman, and police officers are paid barely enough to support a family, but I will save that for another day.

He was not a humanitarian. His ability to sing did not add value to society. He did not leave this world a better place because of his existence. He did nothing more than sing.

He will be missed?

He was a successful singer from the 80s that had little success in the last decade.

He will be missed?

In the past 15 or so years he has been best known for his bizarre behaviors, his various botched cosmetic surgeries, his hospitalizations, and his cancelled appearances.

He will be missed?

In 2002 he was photographed hanging his 11 month old son upside down over a balcony.

He will be missed?

In 1993 he was accused of molesting a 13 year old boy who was a regular guest at the Neverland Ranch. The accuser was paid off~~~cementing the doubts of many concerning his professed innocence.

In 2003, his home and lands were searched and he was again accused and arrested for child molestation; for being a pedophile.

He will be missed?

News agencies have stressed not dwelling on the negatives of his life, but rather celebrating the accomplishments he made.

But I am sorry, introducing parachute pants to the fashion world, adding moonwalking to the world of dance, and selling the most number of albums in history does not overshadow the abusive, bizarre behaviors that have been exhibited; it should not earn anyone praise and honor.