Sunday, June 07, 2009

upon the first day of the week...

I was getting ready to post a scripture...

but Emma just came up and asked me what a condom is!

SHE'S F.I.V.E.!!!!!

Michaela is watching Kate and Ally. I didn't realize sex ed would come up on a show from the 80s!

So instead of a scripture, I am asking for your prayers to help me survive parenting my little spitfire:):):)


  1. Wow, how did you explain that one?? Let me know, I am sure my Emma will floor me with a question like that some day!

  2. I told her it was a rubbery thing like a balloon for men. She wasn't happy with the explanation. Steve came home and she asked him if HE knew what it was~~and was aggravated that everyone knew but her!! Then she asked if they were for girls, when I said NO, only boys use them she went on her way. I am sure it will come up again if she hears the word!!! No more tv for her:)

  3. I remember that episode!
    I have no idea what I would have said.