Saturday, June 20, 2009

i am tuckered out....

Steve got called into work today because three of the AC units went out.

too bad he is salaried and not hourly!!!

so with three whole hours of sleep, off he went to work for a few hours of replacing units.

So, the projects at home were put on hold again.

I went out and mowed the neighbors and our yard and weeded some.

and as much as I love love love my landscaping, I HATE (if we said that word here, but we don't cuz' it's a bad word) dislike vehemently weeding!!!

Can I just say, I am tuckered out....

and burnt~~~of course!!!!

So this little ol' post is all my sun fried brain can give you tonight!

And the lesson of the day.....

if you are fair skinned and burned easily all of your life, chances are when you are 40 and back in the Kentucky sun for the first time in years, you will still burn...and probably easier than before.

Two words, or maybe it is only one????